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Have you have become ill or suffered an injury after using a defective consumer product? If so, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Faulty products cause countless preventable injuries each year, and the companies that make them can and should be held accountable. You do not have to fight for justice alone – an experienced mass tort attorney can provide the help you need to recover compensation.

Mass Tort Alliance’s attorneys have the skills, resources, and drive to take on the powerful companies producing defective, harmful products. Whether you were injured by a dangerous drug, a harmful cosmetic, or a defective medical device, your story deserves to be heard. Our attorneys will take the time to understand your concerns and challenges. They’ll work strategically to build a case that will help you achieve justice while making the world a safer place.

We are ready to connect you with a skilled attorney who will fight for your interests. Take our quiz to see if you might qualify for a mass tort lawsuit or call us at to take the first step in recovering the fair compensation you deserve.

Do I Need a Mass Tort Attorney?

If you have been injured by a defective drug, medical device, or other consumer product, you may not be alone in your experience. The same product that hurt you may have inflicted physical, emotional, and mental harm upon thousands of others – and each of those people deserves fair compensation. By hiring a mass tort lawyer to help you file a lawsuit alongside other plaintiffs, you will join a strong network of plaintiffs building a case against the same defendant.

By listening carefully to everyone single plaintiff’s experience, a mass tort attorney can build a compelling case that demonstrates the widespread harm caused by the defective product. While a mass tort lawsuit is strengthened by the multiple stories and the number of plaintiffs involved, a mass tort attorney will simultaneously fight for every plaintiff’s individual needs and ensure that all applicable arguments are heard in the case.

Furthermore, a skilled attorney will have the necessary resources and knowledge to stand up to a large product manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, or other organization, both in and out of court. An experienced attorney will have access to a deep well of scientific research and legal knowledge, and they’ll be able to conduct a thorough investigation to understand how the product or substance was dangerous.

The companies that are defendants in these cases are usually extremely powerful and well-resourced. They are for-profit entities that will do everything they can to protect their interests and their bottom line. Their attorneys and representatives may try to contact you directly to discuss your case in hopes that you’ll say something they can use against you. An experienced mass tort attorney can protect you from the tactics they may use to discredit your case and will build the strongest case possible for you to receive full compensation.

There are many ongoing mass torts in the United States at this time. You may be eligible for compensation if you have suffered harm from products such as:

Do you believe you are entitled to compensation after using one of the products listed above? Take our quiz to see if you might qualify for a mass tort lawsuit.

Why Work With Mass Tort Alliance to Find an Attorney

If you believe you have cause to join a mass tort, it is critical to find the right lawyer to represent you. However, finding the best legal representation for your case is easier said than done. From sifting through Internet ads to analyzing law firms’ past results, it can feel incredibly daunting to take on the process alone.

At Mass Tort Alliance, we specialize in making the crucial connection between potential plaintiffs and skilled attorneys. We have our finger on the pulse of developing mass torts, and we are connected to a nationwide network of firms that are experienced in those areas. This means that when you come to us for help, we know where to turn for the representation you need.

As you search for a mass tort attorney to help you towards recovery, know that you do not have to handle this challenging process on your own. We are ready to connect you with a highly skilled attorney in the Alliance now. Contact us to get started.

Lawsuit Results and Statistics

Many plaintiffs have recovered significant financial settlements through ongoing mass torts. Here are some noteworthy results of recent lawsuits that have been filed around the country:


C.R. Bard paid approximately $184 million across 2,600 cases for medical complications caused by the company’s hernia mesh.


A Missouri jury found Johnson & Johnson liable for a woman’s death from ovarian cancer, and awarded her family $72 million in damages.


In 2020, Bayer paid almost $11 billion total to settle nearly 100,000 lawsuits that alleged the weed killer, Roundup, caused cancer.


Residents of a Wisconsin town reached a $17.5 settlement with Tyco Fire Products for environmental contamination caused by firefighting foam.

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If you have been injured by a product or dangerous drug, you probably aren’t alone. A skilled mass tort attorney can help you take legal action and get the positive outcome you need. Don’t wait to talk to an attorney. In most states, there are time limits on these cases that could bar you from seeking compensation in the future. To maximize your chances of recovering compensation, it is best to start the search for a lawyer now.

Mass Tort Alliance is prepared to help you start down the road to recovery. We will set your case up for success by listening carefully to the details of your story and then connecting you with the right attorney. To speak with a member of our team, fill out our contact form or call us at .